Design in modern practise comes through harmony. With F1 treatment units, the patient, the operators and the components are conveniently positioned for smooth and effective treatment. No cords on the floor. Remote controls for individual placing. One  control for both the chair and unit. Free choice to fit any instrument to the hoses and ultra light hose carriers. The continental whip arm can be placed on the doctor’s or assistant’s side for rapid cleanup procedures during patient changeover.

Innovative technologies have always played an important role in Fimet’s manufacturing processes and equipment design. New technology offers many practical features for the user and understanding of the practical needs of dentists is important in getting  equipment design right. The equipment’s reliability is essential and by producing about 90% of most components in house, quality is controlled well and expenses are kept low. Quality standards of all components and finished products (including electronic,  pneumatics, and mechanical parts) are maintained with comprehensive testing throughout the production process and are backed by extensive warranties (5 year on Fimet manufactured parts and 10 years for the F1 dental unit handpiece control block).

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Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential growth of the Dentistry in Pakistan — universal access to research and development of Dental Supplies full participation in culture — to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity of Dental Industry.

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Nasir Feroze
Director and co founder of Feroze Dental Supplies.

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